I'm curious, what do I need to know?

DO I HAVE TO BE A PROGRAMMER OR FANCY ENTREPRENEUR TO ENTER? Nope. It's easy to develop something, it's hard to get a good idea. Students, faculty, and staff are eligible -- with a few exceptions.

HOW DOES IT WORK? The App Challenge has 3 phases (Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters). In the Fall Quarter, submit one or more ideas by the deadline. If your idea is chosen, we'll help you prototype it in the Winter Quarter.  If your prototype is chosen, we'll help you develop/program it in the Spring Quarter.  And at the end of all that, the best idea gets $10K. 

WHAT KIND OF IDEAS ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?  Have you experienced an unmet need in your everyday life?  At work, at home or elsewhere?  The UChicago App Challenge helps you translate that idea or observation into a mobile app, great website or something else (surprise us!).  See some examples of ideas.

DOES IT HAVE TO BE SPECIFIC TO UCHICAGO? No. We're looking for ideas of all kinds, but if you've got a cool idea for campus or the community, submit it!

WHAT DO I NEED TO PREPARE TO ENTER? Your submission is a series of answers to 7 questions.  You can send in sketches as well, but they're not required.  See our submission form for details.

HOW MUCH WORK DOES IT TAKE TO ENTER? Your first submission might take all of half an hour, if you're already well versed in the problem and solution!

WHAT'S MY FIRST DEADLINE? November 15, 11:59 PM Submit your idea(s) here.


WHAT COULD I WIN? $10K, free programming, free professional scrutiny, and more!

WHO IS SPONSORING THIS? IS THIS A NEW THING? See our sponsors below. This is our fifth time sponsoring the challenge.