Your roots tell a story about both your past and your future—they carry a rich pattern of genetic history that can help you prevent future disease. My Roots allows you to easily record health patterns within your family tree and share them with your doctor and loved ones.

Meet the entrant!

Benjamin Lemelman

Benjamin is a resident physician at the University of Chicago Medical Center.  He had the idea for this app when knowledge of his own family history helped his doctor reach a quick diagnosis.  My Roots: Family Health History Made Easy empowers users to collect their family medical history and share it with their doctor and relatives before it’s too late.  The importance of the family history is often overlooked, and many patients don’t know what questions to ask or why to ask.  With the programming skills of the Mobile App Challenge interns, My Roots has become a powerful tool that will lead to improved screening tests, earlier diagnoses and better prevention.

Department: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Meet the Interns!

My Roots interns: Julie and Alex