2016 App Challenge Submission Form

Your pitch is due November 15, 2015, 11:59 pm. You can submit as many ideas as you'd like, but only one can qualify for Phase 2. Before submitting your pitch, be sure to have read the contest details and deadlines. Good luck!

1. Provide information on how you're entering.

If you're entering as a team or as an individual, we'll need that information. Every member of your team must qualify for the contest.

Every team that enters must have a team lead.
If you are on a team, choose a name for your team. Alliteration, obscure references and cute animals are encouraged.
List the UChicago email addresses of your team members (teams can be made of up to four individuals). Every team member must qualify for the App Challenge.

2. Provide information about you.


Please note: Alumni, IT Services staff, UChicagoTech staff, and Polsky Center staff are not eligible for this contest.

3. Give us your pitch.

If you are applying as a team, only the team leader needs to enter a pitch below.

Make sure that your title is descriptive - check out iTunes or Google Play for inspiration!
Example: Runner will match students who need tasks done with students who are available to do them. It will accomplish this through a live updating map of campus and surrounding Hyde Park.
Choose the category that best describes your idea.
We're accepting apps for any audience. However, if your app targets UChicago or the City of Chicago, we'd like to know!

5. Acknowledge contest rules.

Please be sure to review the details and deadlines for the contest. This is a multi-stage contest: if your entry is chosen, you'll advance to the next round which will take place over Winter quarter. If you become a finalist, you'll need to be available to work on your app in the Spring quarter.